Tub & Tile – 3 refill packets

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Three 1 oz. packets of TUB & TILE concentrate. Each packet, when mixed with tap water, makes 16 ounces of ready-to-use TUB & TILE cleaner (kit makes a total of 48 ounces of cleaner).

Safely cleans and deodorizes all bathroom surfaces including:

– Ceramic tile
– Marble and granite
– Natural and synthetic stone
– Acrylic and fiberglass
– Stainless steel, nickel, brass and chrome
– Grout and caulk
– Porcelain
– Wood

The Pure & Fresh Enzymes™ in our TUB & TILE cleaner break down bathroom soap scum and grime into basic elements. Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen readily integrate with the environment instead of polluting it.

Even mineral buildups like calcium and lime simply fall apart when our enzymes break down the organic “glue” that hold them in place.

In addition, enzymes completely remove odors leaving the room smelling fresh and truly clean without strong fragrances.

USE – Spray, scrub with sponge or abrasive pad, rinse or towel dry.

Complete Ingredients: Water, plant-based enzyme blend, plant-based surfactant (alkyl polyglycoside), preservative (1,2-benisothiazolin-3-one), natural stabilizer (formic acid), all natural lemon scent.

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Weight 16 oz
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5.00 out of 5

1 review for Tub & Tile – 3 refill packets

  1. Lois
    5 out of 5

    I love this stuff! Been using it for years, one bottle lasts a long time. Glad to find these refills! It’s the only product (other than stinky toxic bleach) that really cleans the mold on the grout around the shower tile. I use it for cleaning the entire tub. And the coolest thing is that I can use it while taking a shower. No protective gloves or mask needed to protect me from harmful chemicals. Love that it’s not polluting the environment too. I had a hard time finding the product on Amazon, so called the number on my bottle. Company should focus on marketing this more. The world NEEDS it!
    Sure would love to know if this (or another product you have) would work in my hot tub! I use an enzyme-based product now, but it’s on the expensive side.

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