Unlike many other companies that offer enzyme products, ESI owns the proprietary technology that creates its unique multiple enzyme blend.  When you hear the word enzymes, it sounds like some sort of miracle chemical developed in a lab.  In fact, enzymes play an important role in everyday life. They are found in every living organism and life is not possible without enzymes. Enzymes are not living organisms but are naturally occurring catalysts that are responsible for regulating many of the chemical reactions necessary to sustain life. This includes the digestion of large organic molecules to smaller, more soluble ones.

For years, enzyme have been used as components in cleaners because of their ability to breakdown and digest stubborn organic stains without damaging the material underneath. Unlike many chemicals, this precision cleaning is accomplished without harming humans, pets, or the environment.  The are many different types of enzymes, each of which are effective at breaking down and digesting the specific type of organic material targeted.

ESI is different because it creates a unique blend of enzymes that are effective against a wide variety of organic stains and odors. Our blend contains protease which is effective in breaking down protein based soil, and lipase which is effective in breaking down fats, oils, and grease. In addition, our blend contains amylase which breaks down and digests starches and sugars. Incorporating our unique enzyme blend creates a finished product that is effective against a much broader array of organic soils than most cleaners on the market today.

At ESI, our plant based enzymes are used to create products that satisfy the growing global awareness of environmental stewardship and public safety. The consumer has welcomed these products as safe and powerful cleaning agents that are also cost effective. By using enzymes, we can maintain the living standards we enjoy today and preserve the environment for generations to come. Enzyme Solutions is proud to provide responsible solutions to today’s cleaning challenges.

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